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Mystery Ben's Mystery Blog

Welcome to the tumblr of Mystery Ben, an animator on Youtube (mainly the Rhythm is Magic series). I'm currently using this as a training ground for my art in between video project announcements.
Oct 18 '14


still time to get the pre order which comes with the previously unavailable (free & signed) Bandcamp EP on CD.
So excited for everyone to finally hear thisimage

Oct 8 '14




Why is this happeninggggg. Flash doesn’t like to save my progress. Last night I finished a scene for this one thing, and colored it, but when I opened it today this symbol didn’t keep it’s colors. But the mouth and the patch of skin kept their colors (and I colored them after the body).


The best way to avoid this is to just not use any symbols or graphics ever. Or, when I want to save, copy every single frame into a brand new file then save that instead. I’ve only started experiencing this a few months ago. I reinstalled Flash, hoping it would solve it.. But it has not. Old Flash is making new glitches.

Does it do this sort of stuff to any size file? Like on new stuff? Or mostly bigger files that have a chunk of work on them already?

It happened on Lores right as I started working on them, so the size of the file doesn’t seem to matter. I used to think symbols were being mixed up between separate Flash files in the same folder, but I don’t think that’s the case. It’s as if Flash has a selective saving. It will keep the second or third to last save (I saved when I drew that guy), but I saved again after I colored him.

But sometimes it’s not even that. I could make say.. 10 shots in a scene, and finish them in order. When I finish the last shot and save, close Flash then reopen, the 3rd shot could be missing colors, or all of the drawings besides the rough sketch/animatic, but keep the backgrounds, or vice versa.

I’m using Flash CS5.5. I prefer this interface over the previous versions, and CS6 has weird problems on top of the stuff I expect from CS5 (plus you can’t drag and drop images into CS6? You HAVE to go to file > import?, and it seems to lag slightly whenever I change tools). I never had this issue working on older stuff though, like my Mario & Luigi cartoons, or Zubatman.


Hrmm…  I think I’ve experienced similar things with Flash at certain points, where I’d save and reopen it only to have a certain symbol revert to an earlier state for no reason whatsoever.  This is also on CS5.5, which I have used for a while so I would not be surprised it was the same problem. 

While I used to work on one file and save it over and over, my more recent workflows have consisted of Saving As new versions of the file whenever I reach a certain point in the animation. 
(For instance, I’ll have “FlashFileV1.fla” work on it some, Save As “FlashFileV2.fla”, Save As “FlashFileV3.fla”… so on and so forth.)

I do it mainly just to have plenty of back ups for my files should one version become corrupt, unusable, or made a huge mistake, but thinking about it now, I haven’t had the issue you speak of since doing it, that I can recall atleast.

Not really the most direct answers to a problem ever, but maybe it’ll help you in similar fashion?

Regardless, sign me up for the club where Flash becomes a real boy and we line up to take turns punching it in the face.

Sep 8 '14

Yet another bg for the upcoming music video Ghost! This one was pretty complicated to say the least but I think it turned out pretty nice.


Yet another bg for the upcoming music video Ghost! This one was pretty complicated to say the least but I think it turned out pretty nice.

Sep 3 '14


Hello guys! Its been a while! Sorry for the utter lack of activity. Aside from True Tail I’d been pulled on to a couple of other commissioned projects, one of which being for Mystery Ben. I’m trying to help him out with backgrounds for his animated music video “Ghost” featuring music by the Mystery Skulls. These are some of my favorite backgrounds, to wet your whistle until we have more to show you XD

You can find Mystery Ben’s blog here:

Hopefully we’ll have something to show you guys before too long.  We’ve made some good progress but its still hard to say how much longer it’ll take, so apologies for the lack of updates.

Jul 29 '14

Paralyzed Music Video


Today is the official release of Paralyzed, both the single (available on virtually every platform) and also a music video premiering over at
I’m so excited to finally be able to share this.

Jul 13 '14

Anonymous asked:

Hi i would like to ask you about your video Anthology III - 80s Cheerilee. Did you crate this song of 0:06 to 0:18 if so, give a link for download because is very nice and is very catchy :)


That song was also from Gravity Falls, during a credits sequence scene.  Unfortunately that’s all there really was to that song and that’d be the only place to hear it at the moment.

Here’s the scene in question though, as short as it is.

But yeah, I’d have loved an extended version myself.

May 16 '14

asktheyellowlonelymare asked:

hey mystery Ben I'm just worried but is this blog still alive you've been pretty quiet for a while

Heya, I’m still here yeah.  Things have differently slowed down here more than I would have liked.  These past couple months have been fairly rough on me.  Ghost is still in the working but work will probably not pick back up until late this month/next month.  I wish I had more to show ya’ll but I don’t feel like I’ve really finished anything finished enough to show yet.

Sorry for the lack of updates, everyone.  Though thank you to those that of followed recently.  I’m hoping next month will be much more productive.

May 6 '14


Oooh, fan arts!
Feb 6 '14
Feb 4 '14

"Ghost" Out Now!


Thump is premiering my new music video for “GHOST” HERE!! The song is also out now on iTunes!!