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Mystery Ben's Mystery Blog

Welcome to the tumblr of Mystery Ben, an animator on Youtube (mainly the Rhythm is Magic series). I'm currently using this as a training ground for my art in between video project announcements.
Jul 13 '14

Anonymous asked:

Hi i would like to ask you about your video Anthology III - 80s Cheerilee. Did you crate this song of 0:06 to 0:18 if so, give a link for download because is very nice and is very catchy :)


That song was also from Gravity Falls, during a credits sequence scene.  Unfortunately that’s all there really was to that song and that’d be the only place to hear it at the moment.

Here’s the scene in question though, as short as it is.

But yeah, I’d have loved an extended version myself.

May 16 '14

asktheyellowlonelymare asked:

hey mystery Ben I'm just worried but is this blog still alive you've been pretty quiet for a while

Heya, I’m still here yeah.  Things have differently slowed down here more than I would have liked.  These past couple months have been fairly rough on me.  Ghost is still in the working but work will probably not pick back up until late this month/next month.  I wish I had more to show ya’ll but I don’t feel like I’ve really finished anything finished enough to show yet.

Sorry for the lack of updates, everyone.  Though thank you to those that of followed recently.  I’m hoping next month will be much more productive.

May 6 '14


Oooh, fan arts!
Feb 6 '14
Feb 4 '14

"Ghost" Out Now!


Thump is premiering my new music video for “GHOST” HERE!! The song is also out now on iTunes!!


Feb 4 '14

My new single “GHOST” is officially out right now on itunes Im so excited to announce that this is the first single from my upcoming album.!!!!!!!!!.!!!!.!!!


My new single “GHOST” is officially out right now on itunes 
Im so excited to announce that this is the first single from my upcoming album.!!!!!!!!!.!!!!.!!!

Feb 3 '14

jwhoof asked:

I heard from a friend you actually came to one of my panels at A-KON 24. The Brony meetup where we read ponies in space and did hooves line is it anyways

Ah!  Yes!  I was there in fact.  I was showing people my (very much WIP) 80s Cheerilee animation. 

Unfortunately, last year’s A-KON was rather physically taxing on me.  I had somehow managed to develop a type of heartburn so incredibly bad that it felt like someone was randomly punching me hard in the heart every 2-10 minutes and it lasted the entire time I was there.  This was in addition to me losing my car’s GPS so I was stressing out over that in addition to the heartburn. 

So apologies if anyone saw me there and I was just slumped over and grumped out.  I’m better now, certainly, and if anything I’d be nice to go to A-KON again just to make up for that painful experience from last time.


Apparently it’s a very, very, very bad idea to take Aspirin to relieve heartburn pain.  I wish I was told that BEFORE I did that for the entire weekend. Blurg.

Feb 3 '14

Anonymous asked:

Are you going to A-KON 25 this year?

Hrmm, I’m not 100% sure yet.  I’ve gone for the past 3 years so that seems likely by default?  I probably won’t know for certain until later.

Feb 3 '14

minormatoran asked:

Are you familiar with the Sam and Fuzzy webcomic? That character #1 for the Ghost video is very reminiscent of a recurring character in that series, who also has a robot hand and similar hairstyle... I believe his name was Aaron.

Humm, no, I haven’t heard of this comic before.

My design for him was pretty much an old character design of mine that didn’t really get used in any solid way until now.  The prosthetic arm is new though.

Jan 28 '14

Ghost Character #4


Insert goof-ball mascot animal thing here.

All the puppets thus far will need some future additions (like how the “?” doesn’t mirror properly on this one), but for now that will do it for all the major characters.

Now the REAL hard stuff begins… its time to dig into the animatic…

Ooooh boy…